"Frank's skill in asking the right questions is un-mistakable, and is at the core of his leadership philosophy.

The power of these questions cannot be underestimated, especially if you want to lead and not manage."
—John Cave
Westhaven Worldwide Logistics


Once the actual work began, we were most impressed with your ability to quickly locate the problem area and implement a solution. Your careful analysis of the impact of any change was well appreciated. In the end, it feels like you care as much about our success as we do, and that simply can't be quantified in a letter.

I would give my utmost recommendation to anyone considering using Genius One. I seldom received service like this from any other company with whom I've dealt.
—John Ferber
Vice Chairman Board of Directors and Chief Product Officer
Baltimore, MD
Frank gave me a piece of business advice... and by the end of the afternoon it had made me around € 7,000.00 richer.
—Cathy Dobson
Red Door Consulting
Dave Clarke
Frank understands how to get the best out of other people by asking the right questions and all the time getting in the other person's shoes, a real art.

Get the book and learn from a master.
—Dave Clarke
CEO NRG Business Networks
Rob Hooft
Frank asks easy questions that are very challenging when you think a little longer.
—Dr. Rob Hooft
R&D Bruker AXS
The Netherlands
William Buist
Frank is a committed and genuine man who freely provides help and support to many people willingly and with no expectations.

It has been a pleasure to know him.
—William Buist
Managing Director
Abelard Management Services Limited
Nick Heap
Frank asked me some gentle but searching questions that quickly helped me think. As I result, I have redefined what am about for the next bit of my life. That is so impressive a result from a hour's chat on Skype. He is extraordinarily gentle and easy to trust and to talk to.

Thanks, Frank
—Nick Heap
The Flame Institue
Andy Preston
Frank is a great guy that always asks you the sort of questions that make you think, reflect, then take action based upon them.

His book, Stop Telling... Start Leading! is a very worthwhile read and makes you think diffferent about the art of Management and Leadership.
—Andy Preston
Outstanding Results - Leading Cold Calling & Sales Training Company
Manchester (UK)
When working with Frank I have the confidence that I am working with a top-notch consultant.

He is always helpful and has consistently impressed me with his attention to detail and excellent results. On a personal note, Frank's positive attitude makes working with him a pleasure.
—Eric Kronthal
Baltimore, MD
Frank is a knowledgeable and thoroughly strategic businessman.

His experience and insight are remarkable.
—Aldis Lusis
Database Administrator
CR Software Inc
The Solution Matrix allowed us to restructure with minimized costs.
—R. Mohr
Paris (France)
Frank is the only person I know who can coach me without annoying me or making me defensive.

Quite simply, Frank asks the right questions, then helps you harness technology to achieve business objectives.
—Coleen Davis
C Davis Consulting
Thomas Power
I am adding an extra testimonial to Frank's profile and I have never done that before.

Frank is beyond comparison in Ecademy. He is unique. He really IS a genius. But even better than this he can communicate back to you from the future of yourself. This is powerful stuff.

If you want to go forward to your future go and talk to Frank on the telephone.

Frank will change you and make you grow, some of the change you will like, other parts you will not like. But change you he will and change is good, you can only grow from change, good or bad.

A rare find in Ecademy.
—Thomas Power
Chairman at Ecademy and Owner
I would have never imagined that we would be able to withstand any takeover.

Frank made it happen.
—Holger Harborth
Owner and VP Engineering
Oberhausen (Germany)
Byron Soulopoulos
"Stop Telling... Start Leading! The Art of Managing People by Asking Questions" is a great book. It shows you how good Frank is as a manager. After reading his book I've started to implement it. And now I can see the results in my power teams. I personally recommend Frank highly.

He's the guy to see if you're not asking the right questions today.
—Byron Soulopoulos
Frank is obviously a man who has seen the best and worst of the business world, and has come out on top! He selflessly gave of his time and imparted valued advice.

Frank has a wealth of experience and practical information that can help anyone starting out in business.
—Adam White
Methezine Consultancy
Frank provided me with fast working solutions in a heated battle over legacy systems.

My creditability was restored.
—Lothar B.
Düsseldorf (Germany)
Karel Frielink
Frank has the ability to actually communicate. He's always offering to help you. He is a dedicated professional.

Each contact with Frank has shown that he is really interested in you. I warmly recommend him.
—Karel Frielink
Partner at Spigthoff Attorneys & Tax Advisers
Curaçao (The Netherlands Antilles)
Frank, as you can imagine we all have been at a lot of trainings - either in-house or at some other location. Your ability to almost instantly apply your teachings to our specific situation made your workshop so special. Sadly enough, that was a rare exception and speaks the more for you.

Your knowledge and your teaching style are second to none. The whole team agrees that we never learned that much before and we look forward to have you again.
—John L
Fairfax, VA
Ronald Wopereis
I knew about Krishnamurti who said: "if you scream in order to get an outcome then it is not the right kind of screaming. You talk, you point at. If no one wants to pay attention to it, that is up to them, you just continue." But then, when Frank said to me : "if i give something to you, then you don't have it". That statement changed my life.
—Ronald Wopereis
What is Attention?
The Netherlands
Stop Telling, Start Leading is a wonderful book, packed with sage advice, dispensed with a refreshing clarity and no nonsense delivery. Frank is a highly regarded international businessman and his experience leaps off every page.

The book is aimed at team players and organisations with more than one employee but even as a sole trader I still picked up some valuable tips and I liked the way the book is devised to be a work in progress book so you can write down your answers to Frank's questions, then when you pick the book up again, see whether/how the book has shaped your management style and the measures you might have put in train to manage your team differently. More importantly, has it changed your results?
—Emma James
Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist
Mark Amtower
Frank's book, Stop Telling... Start Leading!, adds valuable intellectual real estate to a field that is frequently populated by pontificators. Here we finally have a book that makes you stop, ask questions about yourself, your qualifications and habits as a manager and leader. Further, it makes you enumerate these qualifications and habits, thereby providing the basis for personal growth. None of us is as good as we want to believe and we only grow when we ask the right questions about ourselves, and then act on the true answers. My recommendation is not simply to buy this book, but to read and use this book regularly.
—Mark Amtower, Partner
Amtower & Company
Author of Government Marketing Best Practices
I like your questions. They are thought provoking and challenge me. On the face, your questions appear simple, but the answers do not come easy. You are forced to reflect and think.
—Mukund Toro
Manager in Telecommunication and Software
Multilingual - six languages last time I checked! - Frank Kanu's combined North American and European cultural background and business experience provide him with a unique perspective on business demands and challenges in the global economy. He is very solutions-oriented and a dedicated and generous business networker.
—Des Walsh
Social media consultant, Blogger, Speaker, Author and Business Coach
Elaine Gold
It was gone 9.00 pm GMT when I spoke to Frank - I had arranged for a one to one with him earlier in the week, but when it came to it, I was tired, feeling drained by a client and rather wishing we could do the call another time. Within 20 minutes I was refreshed, re-energised and had two new ways of looking at my activities which will help me and my business to thrive!

Please contact Frank for a new perspective on your business.
—Elaine Gold
Client Director - The Centre for High Performance Development (CHPD)
It would be difficult to over-state the breadth and depth of knowledge that Frank is able to bring to any conversation. He behaves as though he has set himself the goal of knowing everything about anything that matters, and appears to be making a pretty good fist of it.
—Patrick Moore
One Call
Ziad Abdelnour
If you ever want a smart person to talk to regarding building your business, talk to Frank.

He is extremely knowledgeable, has tremendous common sense, is very accessible and most importantly cares.

I strongly recommend Frank for anybody who means business but at the same time needs a hearing ear.
—Ziad K Abdelnour
Blackhawk Partners, Inc.
New York, NY
Frank, you are a gifted communicator with great stories to tell.  Your message was right on and inspired each and every club member.
—Scott L. Peterson
Dunn Loring Rotary Club
Frank can instantly come up with the most amazing ways to turn your ideas into revenue-generating businesses, and he will help you without asking for any return.  He is certainly One Genius!
—Steve Purkiss
open for organisations
John Cave
Frank's skill in asking the right questions is un-mistakable, and is at the core of his leadership philosophy. The power of these questions cannot be underestimated, especially if you want to lead and not manage.

Read the book (straight-talking, practical and very insightful) and talk to Frank - he will help you grow.
—John Cave
Westhaven Worldwide Logistics