"Frank's skill in asking the right questions is un-mistakable, and is at the core of his leadership philosophy.

The power of these questions cannot be underestimated, especially if you want to lead and not manage."
—John Cave
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Stop Telling... Start Leading!

In the fifth century B.C. the Greek philosopher Socrates perfected a method of teaching in which he would ask disarmingly simple questions that actually forced people to admit what they didn’t know. As you read this book, you’ll find a number of questions that follow the Socratic tradition. The reason? Today’s managers need more than the predefined answers we might think are correct, but which seldom fit the problem at hand.

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Enhance Your Leadership Skills

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In work

At this time Frank is working on two more books:
  • Ethics in business
    A topic hot enough to burn more then just your fingers.
  • The failure of the software industry
    - How important and valuable is outsourcing?
    - Do we have enough engineers or just too many coders?

Stop Telling. Start Leading! The Art of Managing People by Asking Questions

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