"Frank's skill in asking the right questions is un-mistakable, and is at the core of his leadership philosophy.

The power of these questions cannot be underestimated, especially if you want to lead and not manage."
—John Cave
Westhaven Worldwide Logistics

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Frank D. Kanu is the personification of the American international manager. Highly intelligent and experienced in the field of international business, he is very aware of the promise business has of bringing people closer together in the process of fulfilling the
business needs of peace and understanding.

    With this book, Kanu shows that managers need more than the predefined answers in daily business dealings and demonstrates how any leader can use a logical, step-by-step process to create and implement a powerful new sense of direction in his or her own organization, based on the Socratic Tradition.

    Why should managers use the Socratic Method instead of simply telling employees what to do or giving them direction? What would your reaction be if you were in a situation where you had a tough challenge, or needed a clear answer to a business problem and someone just walked up to you and told you the answer? I am sure that you would feel that you have been deprived and would be annoyed and discouraged. Giving someone the answer to a problem or question is robbing them of valuable educational opportunities, because in each of us, learning happens much faster when we solve managerial problems ourselves; and when we figure something out for ourselves, we are enthusiastic to go make it happen. In this book, Kanu shows in a most effective manner how a versatile manager can become a more creative leader who does not deprive people of the joy and energy of discovery, but rather helps them to move forward by asking Socratic questions. Managers and leaders at all levels can use these proven techniques, including planning, communication, and motivational tools, to support their employees in effecting the positive changes that will make the difference in achieving their organizations’ bottom-line goals. The definitional method of Socrates is a real contribution to the logic of philosophical inquiry. It inspired the dialectical method of Plato and exerted a considerable influence on the logic of Aristotle. Readers will find this book to be an invaluable resource to which they will often return to, to revise Frank D. Kanu’s practical advice as their business grows to meet the worldwide markets of the 2lst Century.

Dr. Jay-D Olivier
Professor - International Business Law
Amsterdam and London


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