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Keirsey Temperament

Dominant Introverted Types

 1. Intuition Mastermind Rational (iNTj) & Counselor Idealist (iNFj)
 2. Sensing Inspector (iStJ) & Protector Guardian (iSfJ)
 3. Thinking Architect Rational (iNTp) & Crafter Artisan (iStP)
 4. Feeling Healer Idealist (iNFp) & Composer Artisan (iSfP)

Dominant Extroverted Types

 1. Intuition Inventor Rational (eNTp) & Champion Idealist (eNFp)
 2. Sensing Promoter Artisan (eStP) & Performer Artisan (eSfP)
 3. Thinking Field Marshal Rational (eNTj) & Supervisor (eStJ)
 4. Feeling Teacher Idealist (eNFj) & Provider Guardian (eSfJ)


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