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Short and Sweet?

Smart and Lazy

You may have heard the story of the plant manager who was asked his secret to success. “When there’s a tough job, I get a lazy person to do it,” he explained. “The lazy person will find the easiest and fastest way to get the job done.” Smart and lazy employees are good at finding new and efficient ways to solve problems. They only go above and beyond when there’s an absolute need to act. (Sometimes this is a plus; as smart and lazy people won’t get caught up in minor problems.) When they do need to act, they think, plan, and execute quite effectively. Not surprisingly, they’re also good at delegating. These people tend not to move beyond middle management in the organization. In part, they don’t exhibit the necessary ambition, but also because top management sees them as too valuable to lose.

If they’re good at what they do, why offer them challenges or a chance to grow?

Who in your team is smart and lazy?


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