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Smart and Diligent

In his book On War, the German military leader Karl von Clausewitz (1780-1831) describes these mangers very well 3. They tend to be specialists and experts. Irreplaceable—especially when your companies’ main business is research and development.

Who in your team is smart and diligent?

Are they working in research and development?

3 Clausewitz became famous although he died before completing On War—one of the most influential military and economical writings. Way too often it is not obvious that an idea originated from him. For example the Win-Win principle is an economical use of Clausewitz’s alliance theory.
Among the better known readers of On War is Henry Kissinger. It was translated into innumerable languages, making it one of the most widely known books on Earth. Read at most military schools and also in many management schools like Harvard.


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