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The power of these questions cannot be underestimated, especially if you want to lead and not manage."
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Let Everything Go Uncontrolled

Trusting the team doesn’t mean giving up control. The issue for most managers isn’t whether to exert control, but how to do it.
To begin with, the team needs to demonstrate that it’s worthy of trust. That comes not only from the team’s actions, but the interactions between the team and the manager. If you don’t know what your employees are doing—and if they don’t know what you want them to do—how can you develop trust and understanding?

    A team that has no one in control will likely fare worse than one that’s badly controlled. Managers need to have the courage to take charge. If they do it in a spirit of shared goals with the team members, it will build mutual respect and understanding. The concept isn’t really complicated. Yet think of all the managers you know who struggle to build trust and respect with the team.

Are you building trust? Respect?

Is it easy?

“Drive thy business, let not that drive thee.”
Benjamin Franklin
    Inc. Magazine talks about workers stating that routine maintenance had been performed as part of their daily duties. During a failure of the machine it became obvious that this maintenance was never done.

When did you control the last time? If not you—who is controlling?

Are you controlling the goals you have set with the team?

What do you control?

How often do you control? Too often? Not often enough?

Do you have standard operating procedures in place for frequently reoccurring situations?


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